Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Craft Room

It's a new year and my blog is officially 2 years old. Sadly, I haven't done a very good job of keeping up with it. I literally wrote one post throughout 2016. One! Last year was super busy for our family. From planning and celebrating my son's wedding to selling our house and having a new one built - with a little homelessness in between - to finally moving, health issues and staying busy with work and kids - I just didn't have the time or energy. Now that we are all settled in and I have my very own space to work in, I can actually get back to doing what I love...making all the things. I have actually been crafty the past few months I just haven't documented anything. I have set some big goals for this year and I can and will achieve them!

I have always dreamed of having my own room and had big plans for how it would be set up.  I have a Pinterest board full of "Craft Room Ideas" - I didn't use any of them. Once we moved in I just wanted to get in there and get to work. I have moved everything around and reorganized a few times and I am finally happy with it and wanted to share.

So, here is the view from the door. I really love those inset arches on the back wall. This was my dad's desk for years. I love the vintage look of it and how sturdy it is. I do everything at this desk! I have mats and teflon sheets that I lay out for cutting or mixed media projects so that I don't mess up the top. It's a huge workspace, literally, it's 5' x 3'. I use my MacBook for everything and the desktop usually has Netflix going while I work. Although, I did strategically place my desk so that I could see the television in the game room too. But my laptop moves around the house with me and I work on various things, even Silhouette files, then, when I'm ready to cut I just bring it back here, hook it up to my machine and cut away. I found the old school office chair at Found Furnishings, a shop here that I could sit for hours in just looking at all of the vintage items. I painted these shelves with chalk paint, they were dark brown originally. It was my first time using chalk paint and possibly my last. Maybe I shouldn't have taken on such big pieces on my first time. Either way, I do love how they turned out. I keep my turntable and vinyl on one and my printers and craft vinyl on the other. 
I love pink and antiques, so I absolutely had to have this appliance cart when I saw it. It holds my most frequently used vinyls. I do have two Silhouette Cameos, the original and the Cameo 3. My machines fit perfectly here instead of taking up space on my desk. I don't know why I need them both, I just do.

I call this the wall o' cubes, I just can't get away from these. I have searched for a different storage/organization system but these work so I keep them. All of my paper crafting lives here; stamps, inks, dies, paper etc. Up on top is where I keep all of my planners and their accessories like stickers and washi tape. I also have my Spectrum Noir markers up there. The rolling cart is full of all kinds of paints and my mixed media supplies. To the right I have the clear drawers where I keep all of my sewing stuff. It isn't organized at all so I didn't want to share. I haven't really come up with a Sewing storage system, since I haven't sewn in forever it doesn't bother me. One day I'll have a sewing project and get frustrated when I can't find anything and I'll organize it. Just not today. To the left is our filing cabinet and yet another printer. 
Across the room is my heat press. I have been wanting one for quite a while and was really surprised when my husband gave me this for Christmas. I wasn't too sure about the table at first but I needed something heavy duty and I actually loved it once I saw it in the room. I have storage tubs underneath and my sewing machine off to the side. 
I have a few ideas for some wall decor and I will share once I get to it. Also, I need to work on the lighting, it is bright in here! This was originally meant to be a media room so it has no windows and had dim can lights, I replaced the bulbs with LED Daylight bulbs and it feels like an operating room. I need to find an in between at some point. For now though, I am just happy to have my own space to make all the things in!