Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Craft Room

It's a new year and my blog is officially 2 years old. Sadly, I haven't done a very good job of keeping up with it. I literally wrote one post throughout 2016. One! Last year was super busy for our family. From planning and celebrating my son's wedding to selling our house and having a new one built - with a little homelessness in between - to finally moving, health issues and staying busy with work and kids - I just didn't have the time or energy. Now that we are all settled in and I have my very own space to work in, I can actually get back to doing what I love...making all the things. I have actually been crafty the past few months I just haven't documented anything. I have set some big goals for this year and I can and will achieve them!

I have always dreamed of having my own room and had big plans for how it would be set up.  I have a Pinterest board full of "Craft Room Ideas" - I didn't use any of them. Once we moved in I just wanted to get in there and get to work. I have moved everything around and reorganized a few times and I am finally happy with it and wanted to share.

So, here is the view from the door. I really love those inset arches on the back wall. This was my dad's desk for years. I love the vintage look of it and how sturdy it is. I do everything at this desk! I have mats and teflon sheets that I lay out for cutting or mixed media projects so that I don't mess up the top. It's a huge workspace, literally, it's 5' x 3'. I use my MacBook for everything and the desktop usually has Netflix going while I work. Although, I did strategically place my desk so that I could see the television in the game room too. But my laptop moves around the house with me and I work on various things, even Silhouette files, then, when I'm ready to cut I just bring it back here, hook it up to my machine and cut away. I found the old school office chair at Found Furnishings, a shop here that I could sit for hours in just looking at all of the vintage items. I painted these shelves with chalk paint, they were dark brown originally. It was my first time using chalk paint and possibly my last. Maybe I shouldn't have taken on such big pieces on my first time. Either way, I do love how they turned out. I keep my turntable and vinyl on one and my printers and craft vinyl on the other. 
I love pink and antiques, so I absolutely had to have this appliance cart when I saw it. It holds my most frequently used vinyls. I do have two Silhouette Cameos, the original and the Cameo 3. My machines fit perfectly here instead of taking up space on my desk. I don't know why I need them both, I just do.

I call this the wall o' cubes, I just can't get away from these. I have searched for a different storage/organization system but these work so I keep them. All of my paper crafting lives here; stamps, inks, dies, paper etc. Up on top is where I keep all of my planners and their accessories like stickers and washi tape. I also have my Spectrum Noir markers up there. The rolling cart is full of all kinds of paints and my mixed media supplies. To the right I have the clear drawers where I keep all of my sewing stuff. It isn't organized at all so I didn't want to share. I haven't really come up with a Sewing storage system, since I haven't sewn in forever it doesn't bother me. One day I'll have a sewing project and get frustrated when I can't find anything and I'll organize it. Just not today. To the left is our filing cabinet and yet another printer. 
Across the room is my heat press. I have been wanting one for quite a while and was really surprised when my husband gave me this for Christmas. I wasn't too sure about the table at first but I needed something heavy duty and I actually loved it once I saw it in the room. I have storage tubs underneath and my sewing machine off to the side. 
I have a few ideas for some wall decor and I will share once I get to it. Also, I need to work on the lighting, it is bright in here! This was originally meant to be a media room so it has no windows and had dim can lights, I replaced the bulbs with LED Daylight bulbs and it feels like an operating room. I need to find an in between at some point. For now though, I am just happy to have my own space to make all the things in! 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Vinyl Decal Cups

Hey all! I have been super busy with my Silhouette Cameo, my latest venture...VINYL! I really enjoy working with vinyl and the many uses for it. I have decorated wine glasses, labeled school supplies, made stencils mostly for home home decor and monogrammed pretty much everything. My Silhouette gets lots of use! Lately I have been making tons of personalized cups. The most popular cup is the Ozark Trail 30 oz. double wall tumbler. I don't know if you've seen the comparison videos or not but these Ozark Trail cups really do work as well (if not better than some other more expensive brands) at a fraction of the price. I have had requests to create and apply decals for other brands and I totally will! I have a few pictures of some that I have already made and sold, as you can see, some are really custom.
This was the very first cup that I made.
One of my co-workers requested it and it
turned out to be the most popular design.

With the holidays coming up, I hope to stay pretty busy with this. I have a few projects that I am working on and will have updates regularly from now on. (I was MIA for a while, sorry about that!) I love to sell on Etsy and list some items there but really prefer to sell locally. If you ever have any questions about a design or custom order feel free to contact me here or message me on Instagram @Plain.Angela. I have a button above as well! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Ultimate Holiday Bundle

Hello and Happy Friday!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday and ate a lot of great food! It’s always nice to kick back with loved ones and reflect on what (and who) you’re thankful for.
Today I have a HUGE surprise for you! If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you’ve seen me posting about a big secret I’ve had to keep to myself for a while. I couldn’t wait to tell you about it and today I finally can so here it is!
I have an amazing deal on a collection of gorgeous printables from some super talented people for the holidays that’s worth exactly $1,521.43.
It’s called the Ultimate Holiday Bundle, and you won’t find the exclusive goodies inside anywhere else.

I want to share so much of it with you, but there’s just so many things inside that I can’t choose just one! Take a look at some of the wall art you can find inside along with stickers, cards, tags, planners, and more!
Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.16.42 AM
Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 1.18.44 AM
From calendars for the coming year to printables filled with holiday cheer, this bundle has really big variety of beautiful and useful items that I know you’ll love, so I scored you a special deal!
You can get this limited edition bundle now for only $29!
It’s only available for four days and then it’ll be gone forever, so be sure to grab it now. To learn more about it and get your own, you can click this link! 
Happy Holidays, and enjoy!
P.S. Have fun shopping on Black Friday! I hope you check out this amazing deal  along with the rest of your great finds!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Virginia Beach Vacation

I can't believe we are already half way through July! Why is the time passing so quickly? We have definitely tried to make the most of every passing day. Last month we took our BIG family vacation to Virginia Beach, VA. That's where my son, Gabriel was stationed. This was my second time here, I visited him May of 2014 by myself. I couldn't get over how beautiful it all was and vowed to bring the family back. It was the best vacation we've ever taken. Maybe because its the farthest from home we've ever been, approximately 1,700 miles. Although our trip to San Diego is a close 2nd (1,000 miles), we went there for Gabe's graduation from Marine Corps boot camp in December 2013.  Both places were awesome and most importantly we were together as a family. Which is rare lately since Gabe is off doing cool Marine stuff. 

We had a blast, we went to the beach and the hotel pool every single day. I'm not a water person at all and I enjoyed every minute of it. Abby, 9, enjoyed the water more than all of us put together though. I don't know where she gets it, but she is one fearless little girl. She has always had a thing about mermaids and I believe she was one in her previous life. She saw people body boarding and decided she wanted to buy one. It only took her a few tries, on her own, to figure it out. She was a pro! I was really proud of her and thankful that she doesn't have the fear of water that I do. But, at the same time, I was so nervous.

When we arrived Gabe and his girlfriend Lex met us at the hotel. This was our first time meeting her.  She was instantly part of the family. She fit right in, acting just as crazy as the rest of us! She and Gabe met through her brother who is also in the Marine Corps. She spent a few days with us and also respected our family time together. Which I really appreciated. Points for Lex! 

I can't complain about any of the food. We had a variety of dinners.... pizza, Mexican food, pizza, Chinese food and pizza, not just any pizza but NY style pizza. I sure wish I could get a slice or three of some right now!
My baby boy and I before the concert

 Gabe surprised us with tickets to Farm Bureau Live to see Train! Matt Nathanson an The Fray were the opening acts. They all put on an awesome show!

Gabe and Lex before the concert

 There are so many things to do up and down the boardwalk and Atlantic Ave. We walked miles and miles the first couple of days. Then we rented a family sized bicycle....which is more work than actually walking. Fun still though. Then we really got wise and bought shuttle passes for $2 each. The shuttle goes up and down Atlantic Ave. all day. There are tons of restaurants, souvenir shops, ice cream shops and fun things to do. We ventured into Norfolk one day to see the sights and eat at Johnny Rockets. 

Stella, Abby and I

Taking a break
My plan was to take my tripod and get some really good family photos, we have never had real photos taken as a family. But, I forgot my tripod in all the excitement of packing. Thankfully though, there were these people walking up and down the beach offering to take family photos. Everyone else kept shooing them away, Gabe even tried to get rid of the guy when he asked us if we wanted our picture taken. I literally had to beg my family to let Finn (the very amateur photographer) take our picture. I was so happy when they finally gave in! $80 later we have lots of "official" family photos. My heart was happy!! 

Excuse the blurriness, its a photo of a photo,  I love this picture soooo much!

The USS Wisconsin

Oceanside Mirror Maze

No words..........

Stella's Henna tattoo
Stella, Lex and Abby our last night on the beach, we actually saw dolphins right after this, it was amazing!

All in all we had a blast! We had perfect timing too, less than 2 weeks after we got home, Gabe deployed for his 2nd time. I feel so blessed to have had the chance to spend some time with him before he left. We'll see where we end up next Summer, although I wouldn't mind going back to this exact same spot!

I can't wait to go back

Thank you for stopping by. Hopefully I can get some free time soon so I can turn these pictures into layouts and Project Life pages. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Thanks a Bunch

Hi friends! I've got a short post today. I have a card that I made for my daughter's teacher since this past week was all about appreciating all they do for our children. I saw so many cute posts of homemade gifts, some really clever ones too. I have no excuse, I plain forgot. Usually the school sends home a note or reminder the week before but not this time. Not unless Abby forgot to give me the note, which is most likely what happened. Anyhow, I managed to make a card and we gave her teacher some Scentsy bars. And here is the card...
I used Orange Fizz Card Stock from MFT Stamps for the card base. Then, Sweet Tooth Card Stock that I die cut using the MFT Die-Namics Blueprints 13. I have played around with watercolors with no luck. I know in time I will come up with some sort of great masterpiece, but I'm pretty impatient. So, when I saw this MFT Abstract Art Stamp Set I was really excited! This is probably the closest I'll get to watercoloring, for now anyway. This is the first card that I made using my MISTI stamping tool. It is awesome!!! I ordered mine from Simon Says Stamp but I believe it is available at MFT and My Sweet Petunia. (The price has gone up a little on SSS since I purchased mine.)  I used Memento Dew Drop Dye Ink from the "Gum Drop" set. I love the brightness of these inks! I used the MFT Die-Namics Many Thanks die, I received this die "free with $60 purchase" back in November, I love that about MFT!! I also cut the sentiment out of black fun foam to add some dimension. I plan on making a set of these to have on hand, ready to hand/mail out when needed. I have some other color combos in mind as well. Thanks a bunch for stopping by! 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Bear Hugs

Hello all, I'm back! Today I have a card that I made a couple of weeks ago. I saw this Bear Hugs by Mama Elephant stamp and die set and I immediately thought of my baby boy, Gabriel. He actually turns 20 years old today. Happy Birthday!! I had been planning on purchasing the set but then, @mags_doodle, a very talented person that I follow on Instagram, did a giveaway, and I WON!! I was so excited! It was the first (and last, so far) time I had won a giveaway. 

She sent it to me and it was perfect timing! My son, Gabriel, is a LCPL in the U.S. Marine Corps. I am one very proud mom! He hadn't been home in exactly 14 months. He had been stationed in Virginia and then deployed to Cuba early December and we didn't get to talk much, it was so hard. He came home for a week and my heart was happy. This stamp set arrived while he was here. 

Gabe and I, March 21, 2015
Here is the card I made. You know the song "Somewhere Out There" from An American Tale, you know, with Fievel?  I had forgotten about it too. One day though, a couple of months ago, after going days without hearing from my son, it came on while I was in Hobby Lobby, yep, I burst into tears. I couldn't stop crying. So when I saw this set I remembered the words....
Somewhere out there
Beneath the pale moonlight
Someone's thinking of me
And loving me tonight

As I look at the card now, it seems pretty simple. But, when I think about how I felt and all of the things I was thinking of as I made it, it's not simple at all. We had a really good time while he was here. We are planning a family trip to go see him this summer in Virginia Beach before he deploys again. 

For the technical part...  I colored the sweet bears with Prismacolor Pencils then covered them with Elmer's Rubber Cement. Next, I inked up the sky with Memento Paris Dusk and the grass with Memento Pear Tart and Cottage Ivy. I cut a piece of card stock and used it to mask off the sky/grass. I cut the moon with my Sizzix circle die, inked it up with Memento Dandelion and a tiny bit of Hero Arts Soft Granite. Then I added the sentiment from the Bear Hugs set with Memento Tuxedo Black. I lined it up and adhered it so that it would be on the inside of the card. No card is complete without glitter, so I threw a few stars on. See, simple but not. LOL

Well, thank you for stopping by and checking out my cards I really do appreciate it. Feel free to follow me on Instagram, the link is on the top left of the page. I post more things on there than I do here, although, I am trying to do better at posting here more often. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Treat Holder

Wow!! It has been almost a month since I last posted. So many things have been going on lately I just haven't had much time for crafting. Sad, I know. I have been meaning to post a family update and just haven't had a chance. I will post it within the next couple of days for sure. 

Anyhow, I did get a chance to get into my craft room and create a couple of things. As with all of the other holidays, I waited until the last minute to create festive goodies. I always say I'm not going to do anything, people just throw them away, it's too much work...bla, bla, bla. Then the night before I just can't resist. So I made some Easter treats. Well, the treat holder. 
I made these little cuties for my kids and coworkers. I thought it was much better than just saying "here's a bunny". Other than the chocolate bunnies I had everything else on hand so that helped. They were really easy and I am posting directions just in case anyone else wants to make them. I know Easter is this weekend but they're so simple, it wouldn't take much to whip some up real quick. I started with the following...
I used some patterned card stock and cut it to 2 1/2" X 11" then scored at 5" and 6". I used my Sizzix circle die to cut the "window" out. Next, I cut 2 small pieces measuring 2" X 1", these will help it stand up. The scalloped circle is also a Sizzix die. 

I lined up the edges of the card stock and used MFT's Blueprints 19 Die Namics set to get the tag edge. You could easily do one edge at a time but I wanted to make sure they lined up perfectly. I only stuck the very edge that I wanted to cut in between the cutting plates, then just snipped off the edges.
I then used just a regular hole punch to make the hole for the ribbon to go through. I also added the small reinforcement piece which I cut using MFT's Tag Builder Blueprints 2.
As for those small pieces of card stock, they are totally optional. I just couldn't get mine to stand without them. And I really needed them to stand. I scored them 1/2" from both sides and then adhered them to the front and back of the larger piece.
I intended to stamp the sentiment but I had a tag die from my Project Life die set that I wanted to use and the stamp was just too big. I found a font that I liked, made a sheet of labels using white card stock and then cut them all out with the die. I placed the cute bunny inside, tied a bow and BAM! I meant to embellish them more but it was getting late and I was pleased with them already. Besides, people are just gonna throw them away right?

 I thought these were cute and pretty simple to make. Thank you for stopping by! Hopefully, I can get back to my regular schedule and get to crafting more than I have (or haven't) in the recent weeks.